We are an advocacy organization that strives to bring awareness to the plight of all rabbits, both wild and domesticated, and to make strides to protect them by inspiring the public through outreach and education.  We promote an end to rabbit cruelty by connecting with people and helping them to see the beauty in every rabbit's personality.  Our philosophy is that advocacy efforts will be the key to ending the abandonment of rabbits, among other issues.  


Advocating for all rabbits by bringing awareness to their injustice through outreach and education


A world where rabbits are treated with compassion and are able to live out their lives free from cruelty and exploitation


  • Compassion: We show compassion to all rabbits

  • Respect: We treat all constituents with dignity and respect

  • Stewardship: We are socially, financially, and environmentally responsible

  • Ethics: We aim to meet the highest ethical standards


  • Learning: We strive to continue learning and growing our skill sets  

  • Innovation: We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity, and change

  • Diversity: We welcome the richness inherent in differences


Alycia Corpiel


Alycia is a long-time rabbit advocate and a House Rabbit Society Educator In Training.  She first fell in love with rabbits when she adopted her first rabbit, Floppers.  At the time, she did not know about rescue so she found herself at a store to adopt Floppers.  Soon after, Floppers became ill from the poor diet recommended by the pet store.  After a vet gave the right care information to Alycia, she dug into research on rabbits.  It became an obsession.  Soon after, she started volunteering for Gainesville Rabbit Rescue and stalking people in the rabbit section at pet stores to sway them toward rescue and the proper care equipment. 


In 2014, Alycia founded Space Coast Animal Rights, now Bunn-411, an advocacy organization in Melbourne, FL, USA.  The organization's most successful campaign is #NotJust4Easter, a campaign that works to end the sale of rabbits, chicks, and ducklings at Easter due to the cruelty and neglect that comes with live animal gifting.  The campaign is endorsed by Lush Cosmetics and PETA and has been publicized in USA Today.  Alycia has spoken about the importance of this campaign at the Animal Rights National Conference in Los Angeles, CA, USA. 


When Alycia is away from the organization, she enjoys working on her graduate degree, experiencing nature, and spending time with her husband and rabbits, Skye and Kermit.