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We are always seeking helping hands!  Check out the volunteer descriptions below! 


Are you a college student?  We love our interns!  Contact us to learn more.

Outreach Team

Info TBA

Board Members

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Shelter Educators

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PR Volunteer

We need volunteers to drive media attention.  If you have experience writing press releases and networking with media outlets, please send us an email at info@spacecoastanimalrights.org Volunteers must have a thorough conversation with the outreach coordinator to understand the ins and outs of our organization before beginning tasks.  This training is mandatory.  




  • Stay informed of upcoming events

  • Network and create a working relationship with media reporters

  • Draft press releases​ 

  • Send drafts to outreach coordinator for editing

  • Submit approved press releases to various media outlets 

Fundraising Volunteer

Volunteers who help with fundraising are a godsend!  



If you have fundraising experience or just want to learn, please send us an email at info@spacecoastanimalrights.org.  Volunteers must have a thorough conversation with the outreach coordinator to understand the ins and outs of our organization before beginning tasks.  This training is mandatory.  




  • Solicit Donations and Sponsorship

  • Assist with Planning of Fundraising Events

  • Volunteer at Fundraising Events

  • Keep Up Donor Database

  • Mail Donation Receipts for Tax-Purposes 

  • Network and Create a Relationship with Donors

Grant Writing Volunteer

Do you know how to seek out and write grants?   If yes, we need you!  Please email us right away to get started! 



  • Research and Seek Out Grants

  • Draft Grant Proposal

  • Send Proposal to Outreach Coordinator for Editing

  • Keep Grant Spreadsheet Updated

  • Network and Create Relationships with Foundations 

BunnyBusters Coordinators

Info TBA

Twitter/ Pintrest Volunteer

We are looking for someone who thoroughly understands Twitter and/or Pinterest. Our Twitter and Pinterest pages are lacking when compared to our other social media platforms. We need someone who could boost these profiles for us with using strategic networking tactics.  




  • Entering Regular Updates

  • Networking with Similar Pages

  • Building a Strong Follower Base 

  • Promote Our Values and Mission.

Blog Volunteer

We would eventually like to have a blog.  Blogger must be a strong writer and knowledgeable about animal advocacy.  Ability to promote blog highly preferred. If interested, please send a writing sample to info@spacecoastanimalrights.org 




  • Design and Develop Blog

  • Update with Articles Regarding National and Local Animal Welfare Issues and News

  • Send Draft to Outreach Director for Approval PRIOR to Publishing

  • Promote Blog Through Other Internet Outlets 

  • Respond to Blog Comments with Positivity and Respect

Undercover Investigation

Sometimes we need supporters to go into certain businesses to monitor animal cruelty.  These trips usually take no longer than 10 minutes.  Volunteers would have to stay composed in stressful situations to stay inconspicuous.  Ideally, this person would need to have a smart phone with photo and video capabilities.  Smart phones are usually more subtle than cameras.  




  • Enter and Investigate Assigned Establishment

  • Take Photos and/or Videos of Animal Cruelty

  • Email Media and Notes to info@spacecoastanimalrights.org



  • Ask Employees Simple Questions

  • Send us Answers and a Quote if Possible

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Bunn-411, formerly Space Coast Animal Rights, is an advocacy organization that strives to bring awareness to the plight of all rabbits, both wild and domesticated, and to make strides to protect them by inspiring the public through outreach and education.  We promote an end to rabbit cruelty by connecting with people and helping them to see the beauty in every rabbit's personality.  Though we are 100% in support of rescue, as an advocacy organization, we limit our direct rescue efforts to 5% of our operational activities.  This is because we do not want to miss an opportunity to teach due to providing care for others.  Our philosophy is that advocacy efforts will be the key to ending the abandonment of rabbits, among other issues.  


T: (407) 538-1427​

E: Info@bunn-411.org

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