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#NotJust4Easter™, aka #NotJustForEaster™, is a global movement, created by Space Coast Animal Rights, that began in 2015 with the goal to end the exploitation of animals during Easter.  The campaign was invented by rabbit rescuers, Alycia & Matt Corpiel, very late one night in March of 2015 when discussing the very high abandonment and death rate to rabbits, chicks, and ducklings after Easter.  With statistics saying that 95% of animals given at Easter will die by age one, Alycia & Matt got started right away.  The campaign took off in 2017 when the organization was awarded a grant to fund the campaign by Lush Cosmetics.


In the past, #NotJust4Easter primarily focused on the abuse of animals in regards to Easter giving.  Starting in 2019, the campaign will focus on all forms of exploitation related to Easter.  Each year, rabbits, chicks, and ducklings are given to children as gifts, "rented" for the weekend by farms, and exploited for advertising and photography purposes.  The chicks and ducklings that are used come from the same hatcheries as those on factory farms, meaning the males are usually killed by suffocating in garbage bags or ground up alive because they lack "purpose" for humans.  In addition, chickens are forced to produce an excess of eggs in filthy factory farms to meet the needs of families who will use them for decorative purposes.  All of this neighbors the slaughter of millions of pigs, lambs, and goats in the name of "Easter dinner". 


#NotJust4Easter™ utilizes a series of awareness tactics to get the word out for these animals.  Our tactics include a  variety of social media campaigning, community outreach, networking, petitioning, and media awareness.  We also have a #NotJust4Easter™ Store full of merchandise that is sure the spread the word. As a bonus, each year we donate a portion of sales to a lucky rescue or farm sanctuary.


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