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Social Media Campaign

You have options!

Option One:

1.  Make a Sign That Displays the Responsibility of Caring for        “Easter Animals” with the hashtag, “#NotJust4Easter”                 

      (Examples: “Bunny=10 Year Commitment , #NotJust4Easter”, “Animals are a              Commitment , #NotJust4Easter”, “Adopt, Don’t Shop #NotJust4Easter”                      “95% of Animals Bought as Easter Gifts Will Die by Age 1 #NotJust4Easter.               “Get a Good Vacuum!  Rabbits Poop an Average of 300 Times a Day                           #NotJust4Easter”)

2.  Put On a Pair of Bunny Ears and Take a Photo of Yourself         Holding the Sign

3.  Post on Social Media as “Public” with the #NotJust4Easter       hashtag.  

Other Options:


Add Your Companion Animal to the Photo OR Take a Photo of Your Companion Animal Holding the Sign OR Have Friends Join In!   

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